About Us

Anrichità Clarascum is the only real successor of a long standing family tradition both in Antiques and in the field of wooden restorations.

Established at the beginning of 1960 by Mario Genesio, this activity is now handled by his two sons Dario e Silvio, who both attended Saluzzo Institute of Art (diploma of practical Art, ancient furniture restauration branch)

The company deals mainly with the sale and restoration of ancient furniture particularly the 17th and 18th century Piedmontese one.

Silvio & Dario Genesio run the restoration workshop personally and give their customers the possibility of restoring the artworks purchased from their shop using not invasive and preservative procedures.

During the years Antichità Clarascum has taken part to some important national exhibitions in the north and center of Italy, in cities like Milan, Turin, Parma, Saluzzo, Aosta and Biella.

Furthermore the company has given its contribution to the furnishing of very important private and public institutions in the Province of Cuneo.

In the last decade Antichità Clarascum has also specialised in researching and collecting the very famous original Lenci potteries as well as the ones from imitators such as Essevi, C.I.A., Manna, Le Bertetti, Ars Pulchra.

Its collections also include plates, cups and soup-tureens of the type known ,in the ancient jargon, as “Vecchia Mondovì”.

Art objects are all exhibited in two different premises located in the unique architectural environment provided by the historical town of Cherasco.

The show room is situated in the very historical center at n. 59 and overlooks the main road arcades of Via Vittorio Emanuele.

The main shop and the workshop are located in a gorgeous noble palace near S. Peter's Church at n.9 via San Pietro.